Welcome to Forms Plus:JS!

Froms Plus is a form framework. JS version includes everything CSS has, plus lots of features done with power of Javascript, jQuery, CSS and PHP.

Multiple Color Themes

Each color theme has its own css file, that can be easily modified for creating your own colors.

13 Designs

Contains 13 designs with styled form elements and animation effects.

100+ Starter Templates

The package includes large collection of ready to use templates such as contact, login, order, simple survey, registration, checkout, comment, quote, feedback, results and many others.



Forms are powered with Bootstrap - most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive design.

Font Awesome

Complete set of Font Awesome vector icons created by Dave Gandy.

HTML5 and CSS3

Take full advantage of modern web technologies. Semantic HTML markup and standards-compliant CSS.

Responsive Design

Size doesn't matter - a fully responsive layout that adapts to all devices.

Highly Customized

Contains a large amount of customized elements.


Tested on all modern browsers and devices.

Free Updates

The product is maintained with improvements and bug fixes.

Tabs and Steps

Modal Popup forms

A lot of Elements

Different text fields, selects, file uploads, colorpick, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches, ratings.


Most of form elements supports RTL.

Field states

Form elements has 6 states: normal, hover&focus, error, success and disabled.

Block&Image pick

Blocks selection with many variations.

Show blocks

Simple and accordion-like block show/hide.


Show tooltips at any position you want.

Validation + Masking

The forms are enhanced with validation rules and custom. Inputs can be masked, so your customers will be hinted with value the can fill in.

JS Stepper

Fill your forms step by step, with each step validation and submit filled data with AJAX at the end.

Ajax Processing

Process your forms faster without reloading the page.


Elements can be marked to be a part of the calculations directly in HTML.

Block actions

Add/Remove/Show/Hide blocks with buttons, checkboxes, radio, selects. Toggle, add, remove css classes when block is shown/hidden.

JS Elments

Input groups, show/hide password, spinners, image upload with preview.

Smart checkboxes and radio buttons

Toggle/untoggle all checkboxes. Autocheck checkbox/radio with input next to it. Checkbox/radio groups with subgroups.


Light and simple captcha without confusion characters.

Datetime pickers

Color pickers



Easy to use and customize back-end.

PHP: Validation

Validate data on server side.

PHP: Sender IP

Track your customers IP's.

PHP: Email Auto Responders

Send customized response messages to the form sender or on any email via sendmail or SMTP.

PHP: CSV and File writing

Customize and write recieved data to CSV, txt or log file

PHP: Database storing

Customize and store recieved data in MySQL database

Create Your Own Form!

With Forms Plus you will have power combo of 13 designs, a lot of color themes, multiple styles for each design, tabs and steps in your form, titles and subtitles with multiple styles and positions. Forms Plus contains lots of form elements with different states (required, disabled, error), and animation effects. Also Forms Plus has predefined set of form sizes from tiny to large.
You can easily create and customize any form to fit your needs.

E-Commerce Forms Plus

Forms Plus includes booking, checkout and order service forms.

User Forms Plus

Collection of all forms to improve user experience.

Contact Forms Plus

Clean, simple and functional forms. Easy to use and integrate.

Custom Forms Plus

Examples of forms with custom design and/or functionality

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